Summer Camp
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What location are Camp Weloki summers held at? 

We are currently using  Camp Trinity in New Haven, MO. You can read a more thorough description about what Camp Trinity has to offer “here

2.  What time is check-in and how does my child get to your camp?

Check-in may vary depending on which session your child attends so it is always best to read the first page of your information packet that was sent to you via email from the camp director.  

Because we feel it is important for parents/family to see the camp yourself, meet our staff and help your child get settled into their cabin, we ask that you bring your child to camp on check-in day and pick them up the last day of camp so you may attend the one-hour parent program with your child.

3.  Can someone other than myself pick up my child?

Yes, but only with prior permission from the parent(s)and written notification to our camp director.  Your child’s safety is our number one concern at all times.

4.  What kind of fun activities do campers get to do at Camp Weloki?

Because we are a small camp with only 50 campers and 18 – 20 staff at any session, we can create all kinds of fun and memorable experiences along with your child.  We have a blast with lake or pool activities such as swimming, kayak and canoeing, fishing, beach volleyball, and water Olympics. We play a variety of sports such as basketball, softball, volleyball, speedball, Capture the Flag, and 4-Square.  Time in nature hiking, star gazing, scavenger hunts and time hanging out with new friends are popular activities.  Everyday there are new arts and crafts projects, friendship bracelet making, hair wraps and tye-dyeing T-shirts.

We also are known for our outrageous and messy events such as our Weloki Color Run, personal mess contests, “spa” nights, and other spontaneous and crazy events.   We also have many traditions such as our beach and dance parties, Warrior and Goddess nights, outdoor movie night and of course, campfires and S’mores.

5.  How do you acquire your camp staff?

One dad told us that our staff was our “secret sauce” of the whole camp experience and we couldn’t agree more.   We are proud of our staff, most of whom have attended camp themselves for many years and have done their own personal growth work so they can be there fully for the kids!

Most of our staff has been with us for many years and we add new staff when we meet people that are outstanding with high leadership qualities.  We have teachers, social workers, nurses, business leaders, and college students that return year after year to give their time and talents to Camp Weloki.  They come from out of state as well as from Missouri and Illinois.  We also watch for campers that we think would make good counselors as they grow older and invite them to be Counselors-in-Training (CIT’s) during their Junior and Senior years of high school. 

6.  Can I call or visit my child during the week?

No, however, we will do our best to send you general email updates and a few photos to let you know how the week is going.  You are welcome to send letters and care packages throughout the week.  If you would like to send an email message to your child, we will let them see it but they will not be able to email you back.  That’s what letters are for!

 As most camps agree, it is best to let your child have some independence and work through challenges they may face (homesickness, sadness, etc.) without your input for the week.  It is a wonderful growing-up skill to meet some adversity or challenge and work through it with success to realize I can handle it myself, have fun and be happy.  We have plenty of wonderful staff to assist them at any time as well.

7.  My child has some special dietary needs – whom do I talk to about that?

Any special needs or concerns go through our camp director and you can also write about those on the Parents Note in your camp packet.  Our director works closely with our food management service to meet everyone’s needs to the best of our ability.

8.  Where do I find directions to get my child to camp?

You will find directions to the Camp Trinity location in your emailed camp packet or also at the links here on our website. Click on the link to download directions to Camp Trinity. Sessions 1 and 2 will be held at Camp Trinity.

9. How do I obtain a refund?

Please see our cancellation policy for more information about refunds.