About Buddy

Our beloved pet Buddy was donated to us as a comfort/service dog from a great breeder in Kentucky called Comfort Retrievers. They heard about the work we do with girls and thought he would be a great addition with his relaxed and loving personality. It was a generous gift and we agreed to be his owners and let him become part of our camp family.  He has been with us since March 2017 and has attended all of our weekend retreats, summer camps and Dr. Tim’s counseling practice.

Buddy has a gentle, sweet spirit and never barks or gets upset.  He is 9 years old now and loves to be a part of our work with girls. He is happiest when being pet and around people who love on him.  He is great with the girls of all ages but always seems most drawn to the youngest child in the room.  He will often go to someone who seems anxious or upset and just sit by them until he notices they are better. He is great to have in our talking circles with girls. 

We are happy that he was chosen to be our camp dog and will hopefully continue to serve girls for many years to come!