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Dr. Tim and Anne Jordan
About Dr. Tim Jordan & Anne Jordan, RN
Tim and Anne Jordan have been working together in their business and creating their family for 27 years. They enjoy working as a team whether it be in their office work in St. Louis, MO or when they are on the road speaking and instructing together.  After teaching parenting classes (RCB - Redirecting Children's Behavior) and adult personal growth retreats (UYO - Understanding Yourself and Others) for years, the Jordan’s realized that many of the personal and relationship problems that adults deal with had their roots in childhood experiences and subsequent belief systems.

Dr. Jordan felt that kids and teens needed a safe place to go where they could discuss, handle and make healthy sense of whatever they were experiencing in their lives before they became unhealthy beliefs and patterns.  Camp Weloki was born in 1991 to meet that need.  Since that time thousands of kids have had the opportunity to learn invaluable life skills, develop more personal awareness and self-knowledge, and to learn to deepen all of their relationships.  Camp Weloki has become a kid’s safe haven where they can come back several times a year and get real, be heard, relax and continue to grow and enhance their emotional & social intelligence.

Both Tim and Anne Jordan are instructors at the camps and all three of their grown children attended the camps growing up and continue to come as counselors & instructors.  To learn more about the Jordan's click on the link to go to
DrTimJordan’s website.

Tim Jordan, MD; A Voice for Children

"Kids and teens today feel so rushed and stressed, so disconnected from adults. They are hungry for deeper connections, a slower pace and meaningful values."

Titles & Credentials
  • Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician
  • International speaker, author
  • National media consultant
  • Founder/owner of Camp Weloki
  • Instructor/author of personal growth retreats and summer camps for kids in grade school, middle and high school
  • Trained with renowned Dr. T. Berry Brazelton at Harvard Medical School
  • Adjunct professor at Webster University
  • Named Young President's Organization (YPO) Best of Best Speakers, 2008


  • Sleeping Beauties, Awakened Women: Guiding the Transforation of Adolescent Girls
  • Keeping Your Family Grounded When You're Flying By the Seat of Your Pants
  • Food Fights and Bedtime Battles. A Working Parents Guide to Negotiating Daily Power Struggles!
  • What I Learned at Summer Camp: Understanding and Loving Our Children
  • Co-authored Redirecting For a Cooperative Classroom – Six week course for teachers on behavioral management in the classroom
  • Authored/Taught curriculum for masters level course, Behavior Management in the Classroom

Anne Jordan, R.N.

"Peace begins at Home!"


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Missouri
  • President of Children & Families, Inc.
  • National speaker, facilitator, educator
  • Young President’s Organization resource/speaker/facilitator
  • Entrepreneur Organization resource/speaker/facilitator
  • INCAF Certified Parenting Instructor, Redirecting Children's Behavior seminars
  • Certified Global Relationship Center instructor
  • Named Young President's Organization (YPO) Best of Best Speakers, 2008
  • Author in Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul, first edition.
  • Instructor, facilitator and owner of Camp Weloki.
  • Facilitator for the Strong Girls, Strong World programs in schools


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