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Why Kids Love Camp Weloki

Campers ages 8 – 12 receive many new skills and conquer new life challenges at Camp Weloki.  We are all about encouraging and gently pushing kids to stretch, think out-of-the-box and try new things at camp.

Kids tell us they love our camp because:

  • Everyone is so nice and kind and helpful here.
  • I can be myself without any pretending.
  • I get to be in every event and I get to choose what I like to do.
  • I get lots of choices at this camp so it feels so different than school.
  • I LOVE the counselors…they are so cool.
  • I love the camp food…so good!
  • I love all the fun and crazy activities….you get to do things here that I have never done.
  • This camp feels totally safe and everyone is so caring.
  • It’s easy to make really good friends here.
  • Everyone feels so included all the time!


The following are lessons kids can learn at Weloki…

  • Facing fears like not knowing anyone and doing it anyway.
  • Conquering homesickness and to learn about inner strength.
  • Learn to handle conflicts directly with people in a peaceful and
  • effective way.
  • Learn ways to handle teasing and bullies.
  • Standing up for your ideas and express yourself in front of group.
  • Handling the activities of daily living by yourself without someone constantly reminding and nagging you.
  • Confidence by trying things on your own and having success.
  • Independence by making your own choices and living with the consequences of your choices.
  • Everyone has a story that helps you learn why people are they way they are




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