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Camper's Corner


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Read the reflections from one of our long-time campers

"So what is camp?"

“Camp is learning how to recover from losing that first best friend you thought you’d have forever.

Camp is setting boundaries you’re comfortable with, may that be with your parents, siblings, friends or even that cute boy you thought you’d do anything to impress.

Camp is thinking your world is ending, then laughing so hard you forget all your worries, even if only for a moment. Sometimes that’s all we need.

Camp is taking a deep breath when you’re struggling for air.

Camp is realizing you’re growing up and being okay with starting over.

Camp is making it though those teenage years alive and learning to own your power.

Camp is wanting to scream at the top of your lungs at your parents that you hate them, but instead, leaning in for a much-needed hug.

Camp is recognizing your strengths and not hating yourself for your weaknesses.

Camp is realizing the perfect woman doesn’t exist and loving yourself anyway.

Camp is putting on the swimsuit you dread, only to play carefree in the water until the sun sets.

Camp is getting an encouraging text from someone you haven’t seen in months, after a week you didn’t think you’d make it through.

Camp is a tissue box always by your side.

Camp is cutting out what is toxic, even when you can’t imagine your life without it, or them.

Camp is looking for “camp” in everyone you meet.

Camp is being in the moment.

Camp is finding your happiness again, after a relationship you never thought would end.

Camp is having eloquent communication skills in this fast paced world, because you’d be shocked at how many people don’t.


Camp Weloki has been an essential part of shaping who I am as a strong, independent, successful, and most importantly, happy individual.“

             -Alexa, junior at Lindenwood University



Check back often for more news and memories from Weloki campers.

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